Propecia may reduce libido

A small number of men taking Propecia, a drug for male-pattern baldness, may also experience sexual problems that persist even after they stop taking the drug, the government warned last week.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is changing the warning labels on Propecia and enlarged prostate drug Proscar, warning that the drugs may lead to decreased sexual desire and problems with ejaculation and orgasm.  Since the FDA’s approval of Propecia and Proscar in the 1990s, the drugs have included warnings about sexual side effects, which stopped after discontinuing the drugs.

Warnings for both drugs will also include reports of infertility and poor semen quality that returned to normal after patients stopped the drugs.

The active ingredient in both drugs is finasteride, which blocks the production of certain male hormones. Both drugs are manufactured by pharmaceutical giant Merck and Co.

The FDA reviewed 421 reports of sexual dysfunction that were voluntarily submitted by patients after taking the Propecia from 1998 to 2011. Of those reports, 59 cases lasted for at least three months after a patient stopped taking the drug.

In a statement, Merck emphasized that it’s not clear that the drugs cause continued sexual dysfunction.

“Merck believes that Propecia and Proscar are generally well tolerated and effective for their respective intended uses in accordance with their approved product labeling,” the statement said.

The other only FDA approved hair loss treatment Regaine contains no Propecia

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Justin Bieber Dissing Will’s Hair

If Justin Bieber were Kate Middleton’s boyfriend, he’d make sure he had a full head of hair.

gty justin bieber prince william mr 120808 wblog Justin Bieber Slams Prince Williams Thinning Hair

The Biebs slammed Middleton’s husband, Prince William, for his thinning hair in a recent interview with the U.K.’s Rollercoaster magazine. He even offered some advice to His Royal Highness.

“I mean, there are things to prevent that nowadays, like Propecia or Regaine/Rogaine,” Bieber said of the hair-loss treatment.

“I don’t know why he doesn’t just get those things, those products. You just take Propecia and your hair grows back. Have you not got it over here?”

The Canadian-born singer, 18, who’s dating actress Selena Gomez, has luscious famous locks himself. But while Bieber has the hair, Prince William has the girl.

The prince, 30, has been seen around London cheering on Great Britain during the Olympics alongside his smiling princess. Take that Bieber.


Reverse Thinning Hair

For most people it’s really a demoralizing thing to out of the blue find handfulls of shedded hair while having a shower. Our head of hair has been our pride and joy and the last thing you want is to find out that it is falling out. Many people young and old all over the world experience thinning hair.

There are various methods to minimize the probability of hair loss. What you eat has a major influence on the health of your hair follicles. A well balanced diet will help the likelihood of averting hair thinning. Purely natural remedies work with your body’s restorative healing system to prohibit hair thinning by treating the root cause of the hair loss. Drug based hair thinning remedies only mask the systems. At the same time, drug free hair growth solutions are a great deal more inexpensive and a great deal easier to use. Of course, it is easy to grab any natural ingredients you’ve got in your house and produce your own products to minimize your hair thinning. The pros of utilizing drug free solutions for preventing your thinning hair are many. One can find a wide selection of medical treatments that will successfully trigger the growth of new hair. The problem is these products consist of chemical compounds that are absorbed into your blood stream and lead to muscle pain, migraines, and other discomforts. It is no way of knowing what the overall use of all these medications can do to your health.


Dht or dihydrotestosterone is probably the most prevalent cause for hair thinning in men and women. Excessive hair loss arises if it, which is actually very closely linked to androgenic hormone or testosterone, is introduced into your bloodstream. The DHT hormone affixes to the follicles of hair causing them to scale down the thickness of the strands of hair. Where your hair follicles are deprived of vital vitamins in the blood stream they will in due course expire, all your left with is a bald region on your head. Nourkrin is presently the most popular thinning hair supplement internationaly. Proven to work by numerous scientific trails, Nourkrin has been confirmed to avoid female hair loss and perhaps stimulate the growth of new hair.

my head of hair (or lack of)

my head of hair (or lack of)


Products For Reversing A Receding Hairline

Male pattern baldness is the prevalent sort of thinning hair that develops generally in most guys at some point. The condition is sometimes called androgenetic alopecia. It normally takes 10-20 years to lose the hair. Even so, some men lose their hair within 5 yrs.
Male pattern baldness isn’t a life-threatening issue, and it is easy to spend a lot of cash striving to bring back a full head of hair. The typical sequence of male baldness begins at the hairline. The hairline recedes until it forms an M shape. Eventually the hair becomes thinner and finer, and results in a U-shaped pattern of hair round the sides and back of your head.

Presently there’s 2 treatments that are proven to work - finasteride sold as propecia and minoxidil trade name Regaine. Neither of the 2 are obtainable on the NHS, which means that you have to obtain them yourself

Minoxidil (brand name Regaine) is a foam or liquid that you simply apply straight onto your head to improve blood flow to the follicles of hair Regaine reduces hairloss for a lot of guys, and many men regrow brand new hairs. Baldness comes back whenever you stop applying Minoxidil. The precise manner in which Minoxodil functions isn’t known. It is possible it dilates the blood vessels in the scalp, which might strengthen hair follicle function and promote hair growth. There is debate with regards to how effective it is. Most likely about 50 % of men that apply minoxidil hold up anymore balding. Approximately 1 in 10 men experience noticable hair regrowth. There exists persisted hair loss in approximately 1/4 of men. However, many evaluations claim better results. Evidently it’s best employed to avoid additional baldness, but hair regrowth occurs in a few men.
There tend to be only mild side effects with minoxidil. Yet some customers do experience specific issues including scalp irritation, itching, and dry skin. But, this can easily be dealt with with a good quality shampoo or conditioner like Neutrogena T-Gel or Nizoral. You may also have a small increase in hair loss at first. This is a good sign, because this is actually be a signal that the treatment is effective.

Do not apply Regaine if your scalp is sunburned, damaged or irritated. If you to you may allow more of the medication to become absorbed by the body, this may be dangerous for many.